ERETORE, Making a better World!

Eretore is a Tanzanian nos profit organisation that exists to create, support and develop local projects in Tanzania.

Last March we started a Masai nursery and pre-primary school in the village of Arkaria for 93 Masai Kids, children of local widows from the villages of Arkaria and Lendikinya lacking any source of income.

Our objetive is to de able to offer an edutation to more children as this will give them, their families and the community new opportunities to change, improve and develop.

ERETORE MASAI SCHOOL is using the Tanzanian curriculum but putting emphasis on no formal education to empower the studenteĀ“s, individual and social abilities. We are also preserveting the masai culture and their lenguaje, the Maa. All the teachers and staff are local Masai and the school provides a dailly meal to all students and perform medical check ups.

For further information please visit: www.fundacioncarpioperez.org
Email for information: info@eretore.org